The Telegraph’s science and health reporter, Henry Bodkin, has published this article today: NHS hospitals must end ‘ideological’ hostility to caesareans, say safety campaigners

In it, Bodkin describes how a woman (a lawyer) had been advised to have a caesarean birth following infertility treatment, but was instead scheduled for a vaginal birth and her baby died.

Lewisham and Greenwich NHS Trust paid damages after admitting their failure to perform a caesarean section on a patient… caused the death of daughter [sic].

The mother, who prefers to remain anonymous, is quoted as saying, “No one else should have to go through this”, but as anyone who has been following birth litigation cases in recent decades, this is what nearly all parents affected by loss say – while pressure to reduce caesarean rates remains.

Thankfully there are increasing numbers of journalists willing to communicate this issue in the media, which may lead to real changes in maternity care.

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