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Please visit my Youtube Cesareans Channel for caesarean information videos, news interviews, and videos of both my caesarean births.

I asked my husband to video the births of our children, primarily because I wanted to cherish the footage forever but also because I was curious about what was happening and thought that it would be interesting for visitors to my site too. Our daughter was born in 2007 and our son was born in 2009. Both deliveries occurred during the 40th week of gestation in a New Jersey hospital in the United States. I couldn’t have been happier with my OBGYN; she was wonderfully supportive, and I appreciate how fortunate I was to have her continuity of care throughout both pregnancies.”

These include:
– Preparation Room Before Surgery
– General Atmosphere in Theatre During Cesarean Delivery
– Breech Cesarean Delivery of our Daughter
– Closing the Uterus
– Explanation of Final Stages of Closing
– Final Staples and Surgery Ends
– First Incision and Nausea
– Experiencing Nausea During Cesarean Surgery
– Cephalic Cesarean Delivery of our Son
– Uterus Stitched and Closed and Stomach Stapled

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