Celebrating Caesareans Week (August 13-19, 2018)

CBCAN - Adriana Pentagna Guimarães Carvalho - 38 weeksPRESS RELEASE for this first ever annual appreciation of a medical intervention that has saved the lives, and protected the quality of lives, of countless mothers and babies worldwide (August 13th – 19th).

With special thanks to the charities and doctors who are supporting this celebration, including:Supporters logos
Day 1 – Maternal Satisfaction
Day 2 – Healing Birth
Day 3Saving Lives
Day 4Prophylactic Planning
Day 5Medical Advances
Day 6Pelvic Floor Protection
Day 7Maternal Choice

Also thank you to all the mothers who have responded to this short survey (>300 so far), which aims to capture examples of positive caesarean birth experiences.

This week provides an opportunity to reflect on, appreciate and celebrate the many positive stories and experiences of caesarean birth around the world, to appreciate the skills of competent obstetricians, to challenge the automatic stigma that is often associated with surgical birth, and to rethink the assumption that surgery is always an “adverse outcome”.

I hope you will join us in celebrating with all the families who are forever grateful that this medical intervention is available, and whose mothers and children might not be here today without it. We also celebrate maternal autonomy, where it exists, with all birth plan risks and benefits discussed, allowing women to make their own informed decision.

Thank you!


  1. This is amazing! Thank you for organising this. I am proud I had a caesarean; that my son was safe, that I was heard and treated with dignity. It was a really positive experience.

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  2. Celebrating Caesareans Week

    Sharing my Positive Emergency Caesarean Birth of Ava

    My vision was that Ava would be born at home, in our sun room, after three previous uneventful births. At 38+4, pre-labour, a sub-optimal trace showed heart decels, 60bpm and not recovering. Some of my team began talking induction, I began thinking ‘if my baby is not coping well in utero before labour has begun, surely induction is a bad idea!’

    After discussion with full team, understanding and respectful care I opted for a caesarean, time from trace to birth was within the hour.

    Ava was small for gestational age, 4lb 2oz, she had SUA (single umbilical artery) and her cord snapped. She had resus immediately and was in my arms quickly, all considered. They suggested an initial formula feed would be best for her, to raise her glucose levels, I reminded them my intention was to breastfeed .. this happened in theatre and saw levels rise with each subsequent feed. They wanted to incubate to regulate her temperature, I knew she was best with me, skin to skin, hat removed .. her temperature stabilised and she didn’t leave my side.
    #caesareanbirth #birthisbirth

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