Day 1 – Maternal Satisfaction

All the pictures and quotes below were provided by mothers who felt theirs was a positive caesarean birth experience. Yet all of these births, and others like them, are categorised as “adverse outcomes” in hospital data and most maternity care research.

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This needs to change.

We need to listen to women, respect autonomy, consider measures of birth satisfaction,  and celebrate positive birth outcomes however and wherever they occur.

Thank you to all the mothers who were willing to share their private moments, and for helping to communicate that many surgical births are a very positive outcome, for all the family.

Please see the Celebrating Caesarean Week PRESS RELEASE for more information.

  • Produced by author and journalist Pauline Hull


  1. So glad to see this choice celebrated. All women should have accurate information and be free to choose the birth that feels right for them. Thank you Pauline for everything you are doing, it’s such important work.


  2. I look forward to the day when pregnant women will not be expected to undergo horrendous pain and physical injury to themselves (and their baby) when they give birth and that when they ask for a Caesarean delivery, they will be respected for the decision they have made.


  3. Glad to see so many women having a positive c-section experience! My own maternal requested c-section without any medical indication was the best possible birth experience I could’ve wished for.


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