Caesarean Birth Publications and Submissions

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– Inquiry Submission 
(June 29)
Parliament of Australia Select Committee on Stillbirth Research and Education Inquiry
Caesarean Birth – submission #67 

Consultation Submission (May 26)
UK Department of Health’s A Rapid Resolution and Redress Scheme for Severe Avoidable Birth Injury – submission; full consultation details here
– Inquiry Submission (January 17)
UK Health Committee’s Maternity Services Inquiry following publication of the National Maternity Review report ‘Better Births – written evidence MS10035; full list of evidence here

– Inquiry Submission (September 7)
UK Science and Technology Committee’s Science Communication Inquiry – written evidence COM0019; full list of evidence here
 News Article (October 19)
National Health Executive
Pauline M Hull – Caesarean rates don’t indicate quality of care and targets are dangerous

 Press Release (June 11) – New NICE Quality Standard Reinforces Support for Maternal Request Caesareans and Mothers’ Satisfaction with Maternity Care

 Press Release (August 24) – New RCOG guidance urges CCGs to increase births without epidurals and reduce caesarean rates to 20%

– Consultation Submission (October 3)
UK Government White Paper Equality and Excellence: liberating the NHS – submission; also forwarded to Department of Health Professional Advisor in Obstetrics and Gynaecology Heather Mellows FRCOG and Jeremy Hunt MP

– Press Release (December 28) – Planned Cesarean Delivery Offers Protection Against Pelvic Floor Disorders
– Press Release (October 26)
Medical News Today
Coalition for Childbirth Autonomy – WHO Admits: There Is No Evidence For Recommending A 10-15% Caesarean Limit
News Article (October 7)
Pauline M Hull – WHO Finally Admits – the ‘Optimum Rate [of Caesarean Section] Is Unknown’ and ‘There Is No Empirical Evidence’ for Its 1985 Recommendation of 10-15%; first seen in Irish Times report
Edited Column (March 27)
The Valley Voice, Pennsylvania, USA


Press Release (October 29)
Coalition for Childbirth Autonomy – Birth Group, CCA, Calls on WHO to Re-examine ‘Outdated and Unsafe’ 10-15% Recommended Cesarean Rate
Article (February 26)
Pauline M Hull – CDMR: We can’t see the wood for the trees
Survey Results (February 26) – 56% of expectant mums want a cesarean ‘through their own choice’

Magazine Article (May 2)
Pauline M Hull – Elective cesarean choice – The choice exists, it is legitimate, and it is here to stay