Caesarean Birth Publications

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Submission to Department of Health’s Rapid resolution and redress scheme for severe birth injury Consultation; publication scheduled September (May 26)

Written evidence MS10035 submitted to the Health Committee’s inquiry into maternity services following the publication of the National Maternity Review report ‘Better Births’ (January 17); full list of evidence here.

Written evidence COM0019 submitted to the Science and Technology Committee’s inquiry into Science Communication (September 7); full list of evidence here.
 Article, National Health Executive (October 19)
Caesarean rates don’t indicate quality of care and targets are dangerous

 Press Release (June 11)
New NICE Quality Standard Reinforces Support for Maternal Request Caesareans and Mothers’ Satisfaction with Maternity Care

 Press release (August 24)
New RCOG guidance urges CCGs to increase births without epidurals and reduce caesarean rates to 20%

 Response to Government White Paper Equality and Excellence: liberating the NHS; also forwarded to  DH Professional Advisor in Obstetrics and Gynaecology Heather Mellows FRCOG and Jeremy Hunt MP (October 3)

– Press release (December 28)
Planned Cesarean Delivery Offers Protection Against Pelvic Floor Disorders
– Press release Coalition for Childbirth Autonomy (October 26)
WHO Admits: There Is No Evidence For Recommending A 10-15% Caesarean Limit
Article, (October 7)
WHO Finally Admits – the ‘Optimum Rate [of Caesarean Section] Is Unknown’ and ‘There Is No Empirical Evidence’ for Its 1985 Recommendation of 10-15% (seen in Irish Times report)
The Valley Voice, Hellertown, PA (March 27)
Edited column


Press release Coalition for Childbirth Autonomy (October 29)
Birth Group, CCA, Calls on WHO to Re-examine ‘Outdated and Unsafe’ 10-15% Recommended Cesarean Rate
Article, (February 26)
CDMR: We can’t see the wood for the trees
Survey Results, (February 26)
56% of expectant mums want a cesarean ‘through their own choice’

Article, (May 2)
Elective cesarean choice – The choice exists, it is legitimate, and it is here to stay