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Planning a Caesarean Birth

There are now countless social media groups where mums-to-be can ask other mums for almost any practical advice ahead of their caesarean birth (questions ranging from ‘how did you cope with the pain after surgery and did you need extra help at home?‘ through to ‘what style of underwear did you find the most comfortable while your scar was healing?‘), and many women find these groups useful.

For others, online groups can sometimes feel quite daunting places to visit, or not necessarily the first place they want to turn for advice or tips about preparing for and recovering from surgery. Below are some resources you might find useful, in addition to your antenatal education, or you may want to explore some of the links at the bottom of this page. Importantly, remember that you can always ask your obstetrician any questions you may have ahead of surgery.

Understanding what’s going to happen, when, why and how, can be very helpful.

Caesarean Birth: A Positive Approach to Preparation and Recovery 
Leigh East

Choosing Cesarean, A Natural Birth Plan
Magnus Murphy MD & Pauline McDonagh Hull

Chapter 13. The Risks of Planning a Cesarean
Chapter 14. The Day of Surgery: What Happens, Step by Step
Chapter 15. Tips on Preparing for and Recovering from a Cesarean
Chapter 16. Cesarean Birth Stories


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