NHS Trusts Still Refusing Maternal Requests

2013-May CDMR poster - maternal request not allowedI’ve just tweeted Oxford University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust after reading its June 2014 leaflet for women requesting a caesarean.

@OUHospitals Do you plan to update this #caesarean request process in light of Montgomery 2015? Info is not balanced 

The leaflet makes it very clear that if any woman persists in her caesarean request, she will have to go to another hospital entirely.

Does this mean there is not one single obstetrician at @OUHospitals who is willing to support caesarean choice in 2017?

Despite 2011 NICE guidance and despite this 2015 Supreme Court judgment?
A patient is entitled to take into account her own values and her choices must be respected, unless she lacks capacity.” (UKSC 11)



  1. Disgusting that in today’s day and age women are still forced to do what others want. Where is the choice? Where is the bodily autonomy? Where has women’s rights gone?


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